Hidden Curacao

By 24th January 2017Travel Guide

Located just 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Curacao is present in the world’s most prominent must-visit destinations. Of the Netherlands Antilles, it is the largest and the most populated. There is a reason why Curacao is the most populated island in the Netherlands Antilles. It is the melting pot where Latin vibe, European landscape and African heritage perfectly blend amidst an incomparable tropical charm. Whether it is night and day, this island nation is bursting with life with sandy coves and Curacao beaches. Whether you are nature lover or an extreme sports enthusiast, there is a sure place for your own adventure in the 38-mile long expanse of the island nation.

That’s why, there is no reason why not to linger and stopover in the charm of a country whose primary draws are the yearly carnival and Salsa festivals, majestic beaches and coves, grandiose nature parks, the world class diving sites and the friendly and hospitable people.


Curacao Beaches are enjoyable throughout the year because the island is way off the hurricane belt for a year-round unspoiled beach fun. Scattered mostly along the calm southwestern coast, the choices for beaches are limitless. Blue Bay Beach is one of the most popular because of its shady expanses amidst the soft white sand. Not to mention, it is one of the beaches with the most complete facilities. Klein Curacao, 2 hours away from the main island, is an uninhabited island perfect for cookouts, diving and private beach parties. Cas Abao is a haven for snorkelers and divers with its kaleidoscopic reefs. Seaquarium Beach is for everyone to enjoy with shallow beach stretches perfect even for children.

Things to Do

While the beach may prove to be hard to resist, other adventures very near Curacao resorts are equally overwhelming. One can horseback through trails of exciting flora and fauna in the national parks. One of the most popular is Christoffel Park because of its teeming wildlife and bird population. Of course, it is hard to miss the semi-submarine adventure of Atlantis for a once in a lifetime chance to see face-to-face the famed Curacao reefs and multitudes of fishes. Dolphin Academy provides and opportunity to swim, snorkel and dive with this gentle marine animals. Hato Caves offers a chance to marvel at the majestic limestone formations that has been fashioned millions of years ago.


For over hundreds of years, Curacao has been a trade center so it will not come as a surprise to discover valuable finds while strolling around Curacao hotel vicinities. Punda in Willemstad is one of the perfect areas to shop and splurge. It offers selections of European clothing and perfumes, Chinese tablecloths and even Indonesian Batik. Just opposite of Punda is Otrobanda. It especially comes to life when merchants set up stores along the waterfront in time for the docking of cruise ships. Of course, the local Duty Free Zone is a home away from home shopping experience, where familiar brands are found everywhere.

Eating and Drinking

Curacao hotels are dotted with restaurant options to choose from ranging from Asian, Western and European cuisine. However, no Curacao visit is complete without trying a krioyo – local Creole food. The most famous destination is Jaanchies Restaurant in Westpunt where there Krioyo cuisine is heavenly. Of course, nightlife and entertainment is impossible to miss in the vibrant Curacao atmosphere. The Asia Casino, Club Façade and Ay Caramba are among the popular options to dance or gamble the night away.

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