Holidays in Bahamas

By 24th January 2017Travel Guide

Think of The Bahamas as little dabs of colour possibilities on a painter’s palette. The islands of the Bahamas were made for exploration. (Don’t believe me? Just ask Christopher Columbus, he accidentally bumped into the islands of the Bahamas and changed the history of everything.) Now it’s up to you to paint your own adventure – your palette already awaits you. When travelling to The Bahamas, you have three main choices: Nassau and Paradise Island, Grand Bahama or the Out Islands. Nassau is the capital city of The Bahamas and has a number of Bahamas resorts to choose from.

You’ll find this is a great place for fine dining, water sports and shopping. If you’re looking for more outdoor adventures, check out Grand Bahama. Grand Bahama isn’t some place you just visit, this is an entire island with endless wonders to be explored. And finally, if you are looking to get off the beaten path, and really get away, you’ll want to check out The Out Islands. Find a Bahamas hotel in The Out Islands, where nature truly outnumbers man.

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The Islands of the Bahamas is surrounded by breathtaking beaches. Take one look at them and you’ll literally think you’re in Heaven on Earth. The beaches in the Bahamas are said to be sandier than most beaches, and the sand is that pure white powdery sand … not the rocky stuff that hurts to walk on. And the water, well the water is a beautiful turquoise with soft waves rolling onto the shore. It’s amazing how clear the water is.

Once you step into the ocean, you’ll be able to look down and see everything – even your toes. The Islands of the Bahamas are home to some of the best beaches in the world. In fact, Harbour Island Beach was recently named one of the top ten sand beaches in the World by the Travel Channel.


Things to Do

Because the ocean water surrounding the Islands of the Bahamas is so clear, you can easily spot dolphins swimming about. If you enjoy water sports, snorkelling is a great adventure for you. While you’re out snorkelling you can explore shipwrecks, see coral reefs up close and check out the brilliantly colourful fish.

And, if you prefer to eat your fish, the Bahamas is a fisherman’s dream. There’s something about the water that draws the fish in. If the water isn’t your favourite place to be, you can try some birding expeditions or take a nature hike – the Bahamians aren’t the only residents on the island.



You’ll find that shopping in the Islands of the Bahamas is a very unique experience. As you walk down the streets and shop, you’ll find authentic Bahamian items that reflect their heritage, their passion and their creativity. If you’re big into shopping, make sure to check out the Straw Market in Nassau.

This is a place where you can buy local crafts, ceramics, spices and art. If you’re staying in Grand Bahama or the Out Islands, you’ll be able to find a lot of stores with local crafts and jewellery. Go shop your heart out, it’s easy in The Bahamas.


Eating and Drinking

Unlike some cultures, in The Bahamas people don’t just eat to refuel their bodies. People eat to spend time with their families and friends. Bahamians love socializing just as much as they love eating. There is plenty of food in the Islands of the Bahamas, no matter what kind of mood you’re in.

You’ll find food roadside, beach side and in fancy restaurants. If you are looking for food on-the-go check out 2 Coconuts Daiquiri and Burger Bar in Downtown Nassau and try their signature burger “Big Sexy,” you won’t be disappointed.

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